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What To Wear On Your Fun Engagement Session??

Lets start with saying... with no matter what you wear it will be perfect!! When it comes to the camera it all comes down to skin tones. Lets say its winter time and its been to cold to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Your skin is just a bit more fair then normal... no worries just try to stay away from the bright colors. We want you to POP in your amazing images!! If you are wearing a bright white dress with a fair skin tone/ complextion it takes away from what your images could be. Haha its hard to think about but your awesome dress or whatever the wardrobe becomes one really bright tone. Think about putting a white piece of paper up to another white piece of paper and photographing it. The two papers become one!!

Its summer time yay!!!( HAHA or Spring) Your complextion now has a little bit more color than the colder months. The sky is the limit anything goes! The main thing is when you are choosing your wardrobe just make sure its a few shades different then your current skintone/complextion. Have a great week!!

Southern Hook Photography

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